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Urgent Equipment Needs

Urgent Equipment Needs
  • $100,000 raisedGoal $342,000

Most Urgent Hospital Need: Smart Bed Technology

KDH needs five smart beds, each valued at $30,000.
UPDATE: To date, our donors have purchased three out of the five smart beds.

Smart hospital beds have a remote monitoring system which keeps track of the patient. These beds contain sensors for body temperature, heartbeat, blood, oxygen and pressure sensors, among others. All of the signals are required and necessary for the doctors and nurses to monitor the health of each patient. This system is located in the hospital beds and transfers all patient signals to the supervisor, especially in those cases which require intense care. This critical information is sent to the central system of the hospital, and enables health supervisors to instantaneously review and monitor patient's vitals. In addition, this system sends alert messages, or signals, to the supervisors in the case of any sudden change in the status of the patient. Since a large amount of a patient's time is spent in their bed, it is imperative for the hospital to be able to monitor their conditions from their bed. In addition, smart bed technology have proved instrumental for healthcare providers to predict, detect and prevent falls from bed.


IV Pumps

We have a need for three new IV pumps; one for our ER, OR, and medical/surgical unit. Each pump costs $10,000.
UPDATE: To date, our donors have purchased one out of the three IV pumps.

An IV pump is a medical device used to deliver fluids to a patient in a controlled manner. There are many different types of IV pumps, which are used for a variety of purposes in a variety of environements. IV pumps are capable of delivering fluids in large or small doses, and can be used to deliver nutrients or other medications to the patient, such as insulin, antibiotics, or pain relievers. Some pumps are designed for stationary used, while others are made portable.


Surgical Tools for Joint Hip/Knee Replacements

The total cost for new equipment is $102,000.

With the increase of patients requiring hip and knee surgery, our surgeons require new surgical equipment on a regular basis.



The hospital needs two new scopes, coming in at $30,000 each.

On average, 67 Canadians are diagnosed with colorectal cancer every day. Colon cancer is one of the most preventable forms of cancer; if caught early, over 90 per cent of patients experience a full recovery. The hospital requires funds to purchase new scopes for our day surgery unit, which performs procedures, such as colonoscopies, each day.


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Your Dollars at Work

  • Since 2018 the Foundation has purchased $1.9 million dollars worth of diagnostic, medical and surgical equipment for the Hospital.

    In 2020, the KDH Foundation has purchased the following equipment:

    • Ultrasound machine ($275,000) 
    • Cautery Machine ($90,000)
    • Scope cases ($60,000) 
    • Heart stress test ($30,000) 
    • Holter equipment ($20,000) 
  • Your donations make a real difference


    The Foundation has raised almost $12 million since 1979.


    The number of local businesses who are community partners supporting the Foundation.


    In 2023, the Foundation granted $475,000 to KDH to purchase medical equipment, which included $200,000 for the first down payment on the new CT scanner.