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Ann Faurbo

Grateful patient donates $5,000 to KDH Foundation

On October 12, 2021, Kemptville resident Ann Faurbo was waiting for the school bus with her Great Dane puppy on leash when he suddenly took off, causing Ann to fall and break her left shoulder and hip.

She was still lying on the ground, unable to move, when the ambulance and paramedics arrived just minutes later.

“When I arrived at KDH, emergency room staff were understanding and most helpful,” Ann recalled.

Her broken shoulder was confirmed by Dr. Johnny Brisebois, and after spending the night at KDH, Ann was sent to the Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) for a CT scan of her hip to determine why she was still in so much pain.  

The CT scan revealed a hip fracture and Ann’s stay at QCH stretched into five days while she underwent surgery. Ann then returned to KDH where she began her recovery.

It was in their honour that I made a donation to the Foundation. We are so fortunate to have KDH in our community.

– Ann Faurbo

“The nursing staff on the inpatient medical unit were amazing,” said Ann. “There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for their help and compassionate care.”

From adjusting her pillows and blankets each evening to bringing her snacks and water, Ann said the staff’s acts of kindness were most appreciated.

In the beginning, Ann’s condition required her to have two nurses to help her stand up. “No matter how many times I requested help, they were always patient and kind,” she said.

One evening, Ann says there was a turning point in her recovery when a staff member named Melody consoled her. “I know from personal experience what you’re going through – I had similar breaks and trust me… it’s going to hurt a lot before it gets better,” Melody said.

“She was right, it did hurt a lot,” said Ann, “but little by little, it started to get easier. Melody gave me the courage to try harder.”

Next, Ann worked with the physiotherapists, who got her up and walking using the parallel bars. At first, she experienced moments of dizziness, but soon enough she was off to the races. “There was no stopping me,” said Ann. “The physio team were all so kind and helpful.”

Everyone from the dietary staff, who came and took meal preferences, to the nurses and personal care assistants made Ann’s experience at KDH all the more enjoyable.

While she was unable to get out of bed to turn the lights on or off, Ann said the staff took care of that, too. “In the midst of their busy days and nights, they would take the extra minutes to make me comfortable,” Ann reported.

She also owes her great stay at KDH to her roommate, Debbie, and “a wonderful window view.”

“The cable television provided free of charge was unexpected, and a nice option given the hospital experienced an internet interruption during my stay,” said Ann. “The nurses dealt with that and a temporary return to paper files with grace and diplomacy.”

“All in all, a big kudos goes out to the staff, that in the midst of the pandemic and less than optimal working conditions, they went above and beyond. My heartfelt thanks goes out to all of them,” Ann said. “It was in their honor that I made a donation to the Foundation. We are so fortunate to have KDH in our community.”

Editor’s Note: KDH has applied to the Ontario government to get approval to have a CT scan at KDH